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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Specification
Company Inquiry Ref No.
Address Contact Person
Contact No

Parameters Units Shell Side Tube Side
Total Fluid Entering Kg/hr  
Vapour Kg/hr
Liquid Kg/hr
Steam Kg/hr
Non Condensebles Kg/hr
Fluid Vaporised /Condensed Kg/hr
Steam Condensed Kg/hr
Sp. Gravity of Liquid  
Viscosity cP
Vapour Molecular Weight  
Specific Heat J/KgK
Themal Conductivity W/mK
Velocity Max Min m/s
Fluid Circulated  
Latent Heat KJ/Kg
Operating Pressure Inlet Bar
Pressure Drop Allow Calc Bar
Heat Exchanged J/s
LMTD Uncorrected  
LMTD Corrected  

Construction and Materials
  Shell Side Tube Side
Design Pressure
Test Pressure
Design Temperature
Number of Passes/Shell
Connection Size & Rating  IN

Sketch(Bundle / Nozzle Orientation) Filename

Metallurgy (Note 2)
Component Material
Shell *
Shell Cover *
Channel *
Channel Cover *
Tubes *
Floating Head Cover
Floating Tubesheet
Fixed Tubesheet
Tube Supports
Cross Baffles
Long Baffle

Other Parameters /Specification Required by Client

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